4D Modelling


Oakwood’s 4D modelling solutions allow the client to see into the future – the 4D model gives you an advance insight into any stage of the project. By adding the 4th dimension of time to the model, you can repeatedly build the project in a virtual space, whilst making continuous refinements to assure the best possible outcome.

Using Synchro, Oakwood has created stunning 4D environments for some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious projects, supporting leading developers and contractors from London to New York and from Abu Dhabi to Sydney. Our experience is unrivalled, and all of our models are built by a large team of construction professionals in house, so they can be created rapidly and with full compliance to industry best practices.

Our 4D simulations are powerful communication tools which have helped win £billions worth of bids, brought invaluable benefits to pre-construction planning and are an indispensable addition to a Construction Manager’s toolbox.

4D modelling is the secret of successful bidding. It brings the project to life for your clients, whilst performing an integral role in assuring the most robust submission.